Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

Bahay Parola is the mercy arm
of Mission to the World Philippines Foundation Inc.

Indigenous people have always had a strong commitment to their communities — a moral obligation to contribute for the benefit of the community as a whole is a strength shared by many Indigenous cultures. To spread Indigenous art throughout the world and the metaverse will take both volunteers, and commercial enterprises. For Ndigi, the most important thing is that is that knowledge, artwork, traditions, and cultural awareness are spread far and wide to promote and support Indigenous communities to thrive.

Bahay Parola is a child welfare agency which has a strong support staff of volunteers and is dedicated to developing the full potential of Filipino street children, where they are protected from any form of abuse, promote their rights, and promote their best welfare and interests.

“First of all, they are the children I see on the street, begging, abandoned by their parents, and most of all they have no home to shelter. Through my visit to the orphanage, I was able to put a smile on the lips of all of these children. I was happy, and they were also happy with the little welcome we shared during those times. The joy I felt as I talked to them was unforgettable. Few of the kids here are from Mangyan Tribe. Thanks kids, until we meet again.”

                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Anna Marie Magnaye ~

Ndigi are looking for volunteers to help us to promote local artists!

Volunteering is a great way to help to support your local community. Much like Bahay Parola, Ndigi need a strong support network of volunteers to come on board to help us to support Indigenous artists to thrive.

Ndigi are launching in the not for profit sector and are aiming to commit as many resources as we can to charitable causes, like teaching Indigenous youth(s) about how they can digitise their artwork portfolios, and learn more about the blockchain and new and innovative, digital initiatives – for free. For this reason, we are asking anyone who is interested to apply to come on board and help us out.

Ndigi are based in the Yugumbeh (Logan area) of Queensland and have our primary office based in Beenleigh.

Our aim is to have studios set up around the world, starting in some of the bigger towns and cities (for example, in Far North Queensland) that are still close enough to some of the more remote communities of Australia for local Indigenous artists to be able to access them.

We hope to have some of these studios run by volunteers in their spare time, where we can provide training, in order to help develop this initiative.

We are also seeking volunteers to help us with social media and promoting the artists’ works, and with marketing, as we believe this is going to be the most crucial area for us to focus on in order to really boost our artists’ profiles and support their communities by getting the knowledge of their works all around the world!

Please send us an email at [email protected] today, if you are interested in helping us out!