Art Competition for Indigenous Artists

This week NDIGI Platform announced a global art competition for artists. All content submitted for the competition must relate to an indigenous cultural theme. The NDIGI.WORLD Art Awards are an annual international artistic contest organised by NDIGI. Every year the Prize aims to discover talents, amateur or professional, regardless of age and nationality. This is the first contest to be run by NDIGI.WORLD. They are looking forward to running many regular contests for artists across different categories and challenges. NDIGI is creating a community able to fund and support the securing of land in metaverses for creating a way to promote indigenous communities. With the view of working towards launching their own NDIGI metaverse for indigenous communities to participate in and hold their own digital lands where they can really provide access to their culture through creating NFTs of their art, history, genealogy, and culture. NDIGI is also helping artists to embrace the area of NFTs. One of the fastest expanding areas globally for both emerging and well-known artists is selling their works as NFTs. Entrants in the competition will be given a fast track to produce and sell NFTs of their own artwork. Each entrant needs to agree at the time of entry that their submissions are able to be converted into NFTs and at least one of their submitted artworks can be made into an NFT by the competition organisers and sold with the artist sharing in the proceeds. The prizes include: PRIZES : 1st Prize: An Oculus Headset with AUD$100 bonus paid in cryptocurrency. 2nd Prize: An Oculus Headset 3rd Emerging Artist Award: An electronic Sketch Pad and bonus cryptocurrency valued at AUD$100 4th Young Artist Prize: A electronic Sketch Pad and bonus cryptocurrency valued at AUD$100 The prizes aim to provide an opportunity to showcase and celebrate artworks and creativity by First Nations and Indigenous Artists globally. NDIGI will be issuing official certificates to acknowledge the artistic achievements of all the participants, even if they are not selected as finalists. These certificates are issued in 5 different languages, providing the artists with international prestige and recognition. The Prize is aimed at artists working in one or more of the following media: drawing, printing, painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, decorative art (textiles and material, glass, wood, metal, ceramics, mosaic, paper, or other techniques). The submission deadline has been extended. Artworks must be submitted by 30th September 2022. Entries must be supplied as a high-resolution PDF or high-resolution photo, or be scanned in high resolution (300 DPI) as a JPG, and follow the rules and guidelines To enter the competition please follow this link: To follow NDIGI on Social Media please use the following links: