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I’m Tim Avery Gime, born on July 3, 2000. I am now 22 years old and residing in the Municipality of Bulan Province of Sorsogon, Philippines. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Sorsogon State University with a course of BSE – Major in English. I’m also an advocate of iVolunteer Philippines, and an ambassador of Youth for Climate Action Philippines. A student leader, and work in different specter especially in the lens of education. I started painting when I was 3 years old, my grandfather Rodino Gime influenced me a lot, especially in arts and theatre, I love performing on the live stage, performing opera, and theatrical plays. I joined the different competitions in arts and was fortunate I always won at different levels from school base, provincial to national. During the 2015 Art Exhibition Expo in Legazpi City, I won the prestigious competition for young artists. I continue to do my best and show my talent in the arts, and this talent helps me to fund my allowance and school needs. I accept art commissions, and half of my commission will go through some street children that I am helping. I have this KLASRUM KARITON and HANDOG TSINELAS for street children, I also have a feedings program for them. I buy some books, and school supplies where I can provide the materials for our reading and writing session. I teach children for free and I’ve been awarded by the Division Office last September 21, 2021, for fostering quality and inclusive education for street children. I use my art to fund all my charity works and In arts, I find courage and inspiration. It gives me the motivation to give something more and create a difference in the field of art. In my 7 months of accepting art commissions, I garnered a total of 346 art commissions and some of my arts were being sold all over the Philippines. I am grateful and beyond blessed for all of this and to all my clients for trusting me, my talent, and my work. Being awarded Artist of the Year and Global Award for Young Contemporary Artist during the Art Expo in Benguet Mountain Province is an honor for me, and I dedicate those awards to my family, to the people that helped me and believes in me, and of course to God almighty that gives me strength and courage to take all of this. My talent is from God and I paint and create difference not only for humanity but also for the divine Creator.

Tim Avery Gime

Story Told:   I paint and create difference not only for humanity but also for the divine Creator

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