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I am a photographer and Wadi Wadi, Yorta Yorta, and Njarrindjeri woman who runs Ritjaruki Creations. Inspired by the poem Spiritual Song of the Aborigine by Aunty Hyllus Maris and her book “Women of the Sun” I have created these two high-quality framed works.
In these pieces, I explore the connection to the land, the night sky of our ancestors, our connection to our country, and the journey of our youth. I also explore a concept mentioned in one of the stories in “Women of the Sun” where our old people had the ability to travel through time and space.
Each piece is an original work by me and would look lovely as a themed concept bought together. I also have canvases and bags with prints.

Teah Pawaly

Story Told:  I explore the connection to the land.

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