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SHAUN BEYOND is a multifaceted Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Concept Creator, and Explorer, born and raised in Mauritius. The whole idea behind his work is to visually explore the metaphysical and psychic world centered around alternate realities and possibilities, beyond the boundaries of conditioned thinking. His major concern is to create surreal and avant-garde worlds and characters infused with mysticism, through which he can express his curiosity, in search of his own ultimate truth by re-thinking and redefining the nature of reality, by creating a language of forms inspired by both the surrounding and inner world, re-working aspects of various visual languages by bringing them into a contemporary area of study.

Being part of the African Diaspora and living in a culturally diversified country helped a lot in defining the visual style and storytelling, combining both past and re-imagined future sceneries far beyond manufactured illusions by reconnecting with our true self while exploring visual dimensions beyond our limits. Embracing things differently with new perspectives to bring positive changes and enhancement allowing humanity to flourish through art and philosophies.

Shaun Beyond

Story Told:  To create surreal and avant-garde worlds and characters infused with mysticism

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