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Medardo Olaco is not just a dedicated security guard but is also a talented painter who produces exceptional art pieces. Poverty is not a hindrance for Medardo Olaco to achieve his aspirations in life. From being a full-time security guard, he is also actively pursuing his dream as a visual artist.

Because his parents had no money to provide for him and his other six siblings, he decided to look for ways to earn. When he was in grade school, he would create the school projects for all the other students in his school in exchange for a small compensation. He was not only able to buy food from his gig but also discovered that he had creative skills. He was determined to succeed in life and chase his dream although he was not able to finish high school or any degree in arts, he is working very hard to produce world-class pieces and is also actively joining a number of art exhibitions so he can share his art and inspire others.

Medardo Olaco has produced various artworks from realism, and murals to abstract even sculptures, and is now learning to be authentic by discovering his own personal style.

Medardo Olaco

Story Told:  Poverty is not hindrance to achieve aspiration in life

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