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I’m Gea Andico, and I was born in the Philippines in 2005. And ever since I was little, I’ve been taken by colors, paper, and pens. Despite my lack of materials, I have been creating traditional art since I was a toddler. I wasn’t introduced to the community of digital arts until the middle of the year 2020. Japanese anime and the fan art of my favorite characters were my biggest influences. And although my style is very different from the usual anime style, it was through this platform that I realized my interest in art. Since then, I’ve been learning how to draw by following internet tutorials, observing, and copying approaches from visual art. I currently work primarily in digital art in the comfort of my home using a drawing tablet and a laptop. I mainly use social media platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Artful to establish an online presence with my paintings.

My artworks are mainly portraits of women, this is to show my appreciation of women’s aesthetics and the story they tell through their faces and their body language. I dedicate most of my works to women who feel as though they are less of a woman if they do not fit the mold forced on them by people. I want everyone to feel beautiful regardless if people see them or not.

Gea Juleana Andico

Story Told:  My artworks are mainly portraits of women

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