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My name is Edralynn de la Cruz, but you can simply call me Eden. I hail from the Philippines, a country teeming with culture and creativity. From an early point in my life, I found myself drawn to the allure of local handmade crafts. The beauty and uniqueness of these creations resonated deeply with me, leading me to become an unwavering supporter of the artisans who put their heart and soul into their work.

My journey as a creator began as a spectator—a keen observer with an eye for spotting the intricacies and artistry that local craftspeople poured into their goods. With each unique piece I encountered, a spark ignited within me. I began to see potential beyond the present form, envisioning the endless possibilities of what could be crafted from the materials I had at hand.

Over time, this growing desire to craft with my own hands gave rise to a sea of ideas that filled my mind. The urge to bring these ideas to life became irresistible, and seven years ago, I succumbed to the call and embarked on my own crafting journey. This journey, which started as a creative outlet, quickly transformed into much more—a form of solace, meditation, and tranquility that anchored me amidst the chaos of life.

The cultural threads woven into my crafts further enrich each piece. Every creation is an embodiment of the Philippines’ rich heritage—a fusion of nature and culture. It’s my hope that when someone gazes upon my work, they’re transported not only to the serenity of the natural world but also to the vibrant heart of my homeland.

Edralynn De La Cruz

Story Told:  To channel and spread positive energy and good vibes through my art.

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