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Dexter Cinco has always had a natural affinity for art. It was his childhood dream to become a visual artist and since then, he’s been doing everything to live up to that dream. Learning and persevering to further enhance his talent. Competing and working along with his fellow artists, challenging boundaries, and expanding his horizons.

In 2014, he won second place at the National Collage Making Contest held in Baguio City. In 2018 he was hailed the first placer in Poster Making Contest during the International Robotics Olympiad Preliminaries. He was also given the Artist of the year award and Malikhain award at Tagaytay City Science Integrated High School where he took the Arts and Design track. Today, he enjoys being a freelance artist, exploring every medium from graphite, pastels, paint, and even digital. Serving his clients and helping his family along the way. Armed with his hands, brushes, pens, and pencils, he continues to work hard, achieving his dream one artwork at a time.


Dexter Cinco

Story Told:  achieving his dream one artwork at a time

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