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Who would have thought that amidst the turmoils and tragedy of this pandemic, an artist by the name of “Hero” emerges? Christened Hero G. Soriano at birth, this self-taught artist from the sleepy town of Bugallon, Pangasinan honed his talent by browsing at social media, finding his idols, following fellow artists he admires, and challenging his painting skills by watching tutorials on youtube and Facebook. As the whole world stood still with the CoVid outbreak, he was busy painting on his own, himself being his own worst critic.
He would usually paint what is closest to his heart. His family, a mother’s love, his beautiful muses, and inspiring landscapes from his place. He follows after his idol Picasso and Manansala reinventing their cubist style by incorporating curved lines instead to denote peace, calm, tenderness, and unity. As an artist, he follows the discipline and hard work of his father (who works both as a farmer and a fisherman and the strength of character and unconditional love of his mother. He is inspired by the beauty around him however simple it may be.
It is his wish to be an artist, to express himself in his creations. In high school, he would often join poster and painting contests. He was good at it that he was chosen as art editor of their school paper. He never tires of painting and learning techniques and skills thru social media. He was always hungry for inspiration. He would also join local art exhibits in his region. Last year, he found his way thru online art exhibits via the Art Show under the guidance of Mr. Frederick Epistola who served as their mentor. This medium opened doors for his art and what it has to offer.
Like a hero rising from the ashes, the artist named Aero’04 was a positive art force born of the pandemic. We’ll definitely see more of him and his works as this exposure continuously challenges him and other fellow artists to become better, discover themselves, and tell their stories. He would rise above the rest, weaving beautiful stories of love, friendship, God, family, and nature. And as long as he holds his brushes and paints, he would continue to use his talent as a living testament to a wonderful life and as a gift to His creator.

Christened Hero Soriano

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